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Omnichannel Campaigns. 

From digital to traditional, personalized URLs to marketing automation, and good ol' direct mail. I have been creating awesome campaigns through strategic and tactical planning, and execution.





In 2013, Cal embarked on its first major uniform overhaul and streamlined visual identity in recent history, including the launch of a new brand logo. My team was tasked with generating hype and managing the marketing/communications distribution timeline across our digital channels.


We filmed reactions of prominent Cal personalities/former players previewing the "new look" while teasing the new visual identity leading up to the official launch date. 


During the three week campaign we received:


- Over 45K visits to landing page
- Over 32K unique visitors


- 7 videos with over 77K total views

Campaign Results

Day One Campaign Results

$4.6M in revenue generation

88% renewal rate (tickets)

- Over $350K generated

- $36K increase year-over-year

- 7% increase in email opens year-over-year

- 150% increase in link clicks year-over-year



Season Ticket Renewals

2014 football season ticket renewals posed two major challenges: The sales team moved the renewal timeline up and the team was coming off of a 1-11 season.


The campaign goals were to maximize revenue and improve the efficiency of the sales team. We implemented a strategy of  a high degree of targeted data segmentation, and utilize marketing automation processes including personalized URLs, variable data fields, and website visit tracking connected with




Welcome Home

In 2012 Cal football returned back to California Memorial Stadium after 21 months of retrofitting and renovation.

The goals of the campaign were to drive season ticket sales by reengaging past purchasers and season ticket holders who did not buy tickets the previous season.


The integrated campaign consisted of multiple touch emails and a direct mail piece segmented strategically to reach top prospects. To play off of the "new' stadium, we added a stadium-shaped air freshener dubbed "new stadium scent" and included a data collection sweepstakes.



- 155 accounts closed

- $62K in season ticket sales

- 1,900 leads added to database through sweepstakes

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